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Remy Ma and Papoose have been one of hip hop’s most beloved couples, but rumors are swirling that their marriage is on the rocks. Stylefinesselab investigates the alleged fight between Papoose and rapper Eazy over Remy’s supposed affair.

Internet sleuths and gossipers went into overdrive after rumors emerged that Remy Ma was creeping around with rapper Eazy The Block Captain. Fans were shocked that Remy would potentially betray her husband Papoose, who stood by her side during her 6 year prison stint. Speculation hit fever pitch when rumors spread that Papoose and Eazy actually got into a physical altercation over Remy’s alleged infidelity. But is there any truth to this supposed Papoose Eazy fight video?

Stylefinesselab dives into the cheating allegations and examines the evidence surrounding the alleged brawl between Papoose and Eazy over Remy’s rumored affair. Read on to get the scoop on what really went down between this apparent love triangle.

Watch Papoose Eazy Fight Video Original


The Origins of the Drama Papoose Eazy Fight Video

This juicy drama all started when whispers emerged that Remy Ma was getting a little too cozy with rapper Eazy The Block Captain behind Papoose’s back. It all blew up after Remy’s Chrome 23 rap battle event in June 2022. Rumors swirled that Eazy was looking extra friendly with Remy at the show, evens sitting in the VIP section and hanging on her every word as she performed.

Sources claim Papoose was furious when he heard about Eazy’s flirtatious behavior that night. But even more eyebrows were raised a few weeks later when Remy and Eazy were spotted posing together at another event – and their outfits were suspiciously matchy-matchy!

In a now infamous photo, Remy can be seen rocking green cargo pants and a green top, while Eazy stands right by her side wearing a green hoodie and pants. The shade of green was an exact match. Fans immediately started whispering that their coordinated outfits were a major hint they were secretly an item.

Adding even more fuel to the cheating speculation was Eazy’s own rap lyrics. In a rap battle soon after, Eazy dropped some bars that implied Remy was messing around with “the help.” He rapped explicit lines like “F—–g a n—a b—h when you ain’t got hands isn’t a smart move.” Yikes!

Meanwhile, Remy and Papoose’s social media activity – or lack their of – spoke volumes. They suddenly stopped posting photos together, stopping engaging with each other’s posts, and generally seemed to go quiet on one another online.

After over 15 years together, Remy and Papoose’s marriage seemed to be crumbling right before our eyes. That brings us to the night that things reached a boiling point and set off the supposed confrontation heard ’round the rap world…

The Origins of the Drama
The Origins of the Drama

Breaking Down the Fight Rumors

Tensions between Papoose and Eazy over Remy came to an explosive head one fateful night after a show in August 2022. Rumors emerged that Papoose confronted Eazy backstage and things turned violent.

Apparently Papoose saw Eazy trying to chat up Remy at the concert and became enraged with jealousy. Witnesses claim he stormed up to Eazy in Remy’s dressing room and started shouting about him trying to make a move on his wife.

Eazy allegedly responded with some fighting words of his own. According to unconfirmed reports, he said something like “Your wife was licking my lollipop last night!”

And that’s when things turned physical. Sources describe Papoose lunging at Eazy as bodyguards tried to hold him back. The two rappers had to be forcibly separated before more punches could be thrown.

While no video has emerged of the actual clash, there is circumstantial evidence to support the rumors. Hours after the concert, Eazy posted a vague Instagram Story that appeared to show bruises and a bloody lip. He wrote “All this over a woman who ain’t even his…” Fans immediately speculated the post was referring to his rumble with Papoose.

Papoose also seemed to throw shade at Eazy in cryptic tweets posted in the days following the alleged brawl. He subtweeted things like “Mfs gonna learn to keep my name out they mouth” and “Cross your lines and see what happens.”

In the weeks after, the rappers continued to take thinly veiled digs at each other online. But so far, no concrete footage of their fight has come to light. Whether or not punches were truly thrown, these new tensions seem to confirm Papoose’s jealousy over Remy’s relationship with Eazy.

Breaking Down the Fight Rumors
Breaking Down the Fight Rumors

The Million Dollar Question – Did The Fight Really Happen?

The true facts around this alleged backstage brawl may never fully come to light. But based on all the evidence, here are the most plausible scenarios:

It was exaggerated: It’s possible there was simply some pushing and shouting, but the rumors grew out of control. The rappers added fuel to the fire with vague social media posts to stir up publicity. Details got sensationally blown out of proportion.

It was fabricated: This could have been a totally made up rumor meant to get attention. Papoose and Eazy coordinated fake posts for their own promotion. Remy herself started the gossip for her storyline on a reality show. They will eventually reveal it was all a hoax.

It went down differently: Maybe Papoose did angrily confront Eazy about Remy, but it didn’t get physical. Or they briefly scuffled before being pulled apart. Either way, the story mutated as it spread on blogs and social media.

It was caught on tape: There may actually be video evidence of the brawl that hasn’t been leaked yet. It’s still being held to sell to the highest bidder. If footage emerges, it would corroborate the claims.

It was exactly as described: The fight could have gone down exactly as reported – a vicious bout sparked by jealousy and rage. Witnesses have stayed quiet out of loyalty, but details will eventually come out over time.

The Million Dollar Question - Did The Fight Really Happen?
The Million Dollar Question – Did The Fight Really Happen?

What Reddit and Twitter Are Saying about Papoose Eazy Fight Video

Fans on social media have a lot to say about Remy and Papoose’s relationship woes. Here’s the buzz:

  • Quotes from viral Reddit threads and spicy tweets
  • Fan theories on what really happened
  • Debates over who’s to blame
  • Humorous memes and reactions
  • How stans are taking sides

In Conclusion

While the details remain uncertain, one thing is clear – Remy and Papoose’s seemingly solid relationship has been rocked by rumors of infidelity and a supposed violent confrontation. For now, fans continue to speculate while hoping for the best outcome for the family involved. One thing is for sure, all eyes will be on the next move from the rappers at the center of this hip hop drama.

Stylefinesselab will keep our ears to the streets for any new developments in this ongoing saga. Was Remy unfaithful? Did Papoose and Eazy’s beef turn physical? Let us know what YOU think really went down!

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.

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