Chez Mellusi Injury Video – Threatens to Derail Wisconsin’s Season

The Wisconsin Badgers’ football season was dealt a major blow in late September with a severe injury to star running back Chez Mellusi. During a game against Purdue on September 23, Mellusi suffered a gruesome left leg injury that could sideline him for the remainder of the year. For a Wisconsin team expected to contend for the Big Ten West division title, losing their top rusher and offensive catalyst could be catastrophic. In this article “Chez Mellusi Injury Video – Threatens to Derail Wisconsin’s Season” on Stylefinesselab, we watch the injury seen that’s going viral at the current.

Chez Mellusi Injury Video - Threatens to Derail Wisconsin's Season
Chez Mellusi Injury Video – Threatens to Derail Wisconsin’s Season

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Background on Chez Mellusi’s Standout Talent

Chez Mellusi joined the Wisconsin Badgers in 2021 after transferring from Clemson, where he was stuck behind Travis Etienne on the depth chart. Mellusi made an immediate impact for the Badgers, rushing for 815 yards and 5 touchdowns in his first season in Madison. His talent and versatility as both a runner and pass-catcher quickly made him an indispensable part of the Badgers’ offense.

In 2022, Mellusi elevated his game even further. Through 4 games, he had already amassed 268 rushing yards, 4 touchdowns, and cemented himself as Wisconsin’s unquestioned RB1. The 5th year senior brought a mix of speed, power, and athleticism that perfectly complemented the Badgers’ physical rushing attack. According to PFF College, Mellusi ranked 3rd nationally in missed tackles forced with 17 through 4 weeks.

The Scene of the Gruesome Injury Against Purdue

On September 23rd, Wisconsin faced off against Purdue in West Lafayette. Late in the 4th quarter, the Badgers led 30-17 and were running out the clock. On a 1st down run, Mellusi took a handoff and was met immediately in the backfield by Purdue’s Kydran Jenkins. Mellusi’s left leg got rolled up on during the tackle, bending and twisting in an unnatural way.

The severity of the injury was immediately clear, as Mellusi lay on the field writhing in agony. The leg was very clearly broken and disfigured. ESPN refused to replay the video due to how graphic it was. Mellusi’s teammates, notably fellow RB Braelon Allen, rushed to his side as trainers attended to him. Eventually Mellusi was carted off the field, with his status uncertain.

The Scene of the Gruesome Injury Against Purdue
The Scene of the Gruesome Injury Against Purdue

Mellusi’s Heart and Soul Will Be Missed

While the on-field impact of losing Mellusi is massive, Wisconsin Head Coach Luke Fickell emphasized the off-field leadership void left by the veteran back’s injury.

“He’s not just a great football player for us, he’s not just a great tailback, he’s the heart and soul of some of the things we do,” Fickell told reporters after the Purdue game. He praised Mellusi’s perseverance through ups and downs and injuries over his 5 year college career.

Teammates echoed this sentiment, with QB Graham Mertz saying, “We’re going to rally behind him. He’s the heart and soul of this team.” All-American linebacker Nick Herbig called Mellusi the “heartbeat of the team” and a “captain without the ‘C’ on his chest.”

Mellusi's Heart and Soul Will Be Missed
Mellusi’s Heart and Soul Will Be Missed

Attempting to Replace Mellusi’s Production

The biggest question now is how Wisconsin will replace Mellusi’s production for the remainder of 2022. Backup RB Braelon Allen is talented in his own right, but is a different style of runner than Mellusi. At 6’2″ and 235 pounds, Allen excels at wearing down defenses with his power, while Mellusi offered more explosiveness and receiving ability.

Beyond Allen, Wisconsin’s RB depth is largely unproven. Sophomore Julius Davis appeared in just 2 games in 2021, registering 11 carries. Incoming transfer Isaac Guerendo has intriguing speed but injury issues of his own. The most likely candidate for an increased role is freshman Jalen Berger, whose shifty running style mirrors Mellusi’s.

How Fickell’s New System Magnifies the Loss

Chez Mellusi Injury Video is exacerbated by Wisconsin’s coaching transition, as new head coach Luke Fickell looks to implement a new offensive system. That transition was already going to rely heavily on established playmakers like Mellusi. Without him, Fickell and OC Mike Brown face an even steeper challenge installing their scheme midseason.

This means increased responsibility for veteran leaders like QB Graham Mertz and TE Clay Cundiff. Mertz in particular has struggled with inconsistency over his career. But if he can limit mistakes and find a rhythm in the new offense, Wisconsin has enough surrounding talent at wideout and the offensive line to survive.

How Fickell's New System Magnifies the Loss
How Fickell’s New System Magnifies the Loss

Wisconsin Remains Dangerous Defensively

Despite the loss of Mellusi, all hope is not lost for the Badgers this season. Wisconsin boasts one of the nation’s top defenses, led by junior linebackers Nick Herbig and Jordan Turner. This unit ranks 4th nationally in total defense through 4 games, allowing just 232 yards per contest.

If this stingy defense keeps dominating, it will limit the pressure on Wisconsin’s patchwork offense. Herbig and Turner are bonafide stars who can take over games themselves. The secondary is disciplined and experienced, while the defensive line has emerged as a force with new DC Mike Tressel. This defense alone makes Wisconsin capable of winning plenty of low-scoring slugfests.

Wisconsin Remains Dangerous Defensively
Wisconsin Remains Dangerous Defensively

Gleaning Positivity from Chez Mellusi Injury Video

While Wisconsin will badly miss Chez Mellusi on the field, they can still glean motivation from his spirit as he attacks rehab. Mellusi has faced adversity before, from injuries to depth chart challenges. But his work ethic and upbeat mindset have always carried him through.

Before being carted off against Purdue, Mellusi made a point to stand and receive an ovation from Badgers fans, projecting strength. And his social media since has radiated positivity. According to TE Hayden Rucci, Mellusi was “his bright and shiny self” after surgery.

This outlook is what originally endeared Mellusi to Wisconsin fans, more than his on-field exploits. The Badgers hope to mirror their fallen leader’s mindset as they forge ahead this season without him. It won’t be the same, but Mellusi’s resilience and leadership will still inspire this team.

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